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i`m your puppet now…

on steve arntson.

my friend steve arntson has a new site up:

he’s a musician and philosopher and perhaps something of an aetheticist living here in seattle. i rather enjoy his company and that of his wife, an equally talented and lovely lass who goes by the moniker of annemat.

steve has taken on the rather collossal task of defining what makes a proper instrument the proper instrument for you. he has constructed not just some simple compendium of forthright questions whose answering shews one the way towards the proper sonic appendage. he has constructed a system of enlightenment. and it is capable of not just pointing out the rigorous contemplation neccessary to choose the proper sound device, but it may actually be capable of helping a person to not choose an instrument at all.

if only such things were offered at an early age. or in an earlier age. perhaps we could have skipped a few of the world’s more noteworthy pop music failures. or ‘idols’ as the less droll among us would render them.

but enough about me… please go try steve’s system and see if it can make you reconsider that first guitar.

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The Metaphorization of Writingprognosis

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