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i`m your puppet now…

Buddha With Thousand Hands

hello humanity, generous, generous humanity…

in lieu of writing about my own experiences in the realm of film making i’d like to present something simply lovely in its performative existence. this is a recording/presentation of an ode to the buddhist goddess of compassion, kuan yin.

i admit it is peculiar to be presenting religious worship from the atheist corners of this world. the government of china has been disabusing its populace of the notion of religion for quite a long time. and if it wasn’t such a horrror show i’d be laughing at the way they install their own proxies and doxies into positions of nonsecular power and prominence. whatever became of the fake dali lama they threw out there anyway?

i’m sure this presentation is no different. who are these young men and women enacting the body of kuan yin? and those white garbed cheerleaders off to the sides? we will never know. and while it is an amazing job they do how much more powerful would the work be if there were no injunctions and the dancers were all believers.


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