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Years of experience in the arts as actor, dancer, author, crowd control specialist, performance/conceptual mayhem artist. Have worked on the stage and in the street, behind the desk and on top of it to get the job done. Excellent skills for coordinating and motivating groups and individuals.


1985-90 University of Oklahoma, Norman. Studied English, theater and philosophy

1997-98 Seattle Central Community College. Studied Printing Technologies

Numerous dance workshops with Katsura Kan, Sheri Brown, Haruko Nishimura, DK Pan and Douglas Ridings.

Performance Work

Infernal Noise Brigade 1999 – 2006 (Co-founder)
Ostensibly a 20-member marching band, but actually a guerrilla art team. Created large scale crowd-interactive street pieces involving music, dance, coordinated ’stepping’, visual art, costuming, propaganda production and on an international scale. Performed in Seattle, Portland, San Francisco, New York, Berlin, Prague, Cancun, Vancouver and many other cities.

Major work includes The WTO street protests of 1999. Prague Anarchy Party and Anti-IMF Protest 2000 where we were in charge of possibly 2000 parade participants. The 2004 National Republican Convention, Burning Man 2001 – 2003. Numerous appearances at Consolidated Works and COCA, St. Marks Cathedral and the Bowery Bar (NYC, NY) and the Kalakala (Sea-WA).

2002 “Caserallaso Street Parade” Helped coordinated approximately one hundred musicians in the streets of Seattle playing Brazilian rhythms on pots and pans.

2005 Performed at The Maple Lane State Detention Center in Centralia, Washington for juvenile offenders.

Played percussion and provided back-up vocals on all the Infernal Noise Brigades albums and single: “L’etincelle/Manguerra;” “Vamos ala Playa;” “Insurgent Selections for Battery and Voice;” and the to-be-released in March 2008, “Final Fury.”

P.A.N. 2001 – 2007 Actor/Dancer/Choreographer/Playwright

A Seattle-based dancer theater company. Inspired by Butoh movement, but extending towards surrealism and nihilism. Danced in San Francisco’s International Butoh Festival 2003, enterACTIVE Language Festival and Disjekta Gallery (Portland, OR), Experience Music Project, Consolidated Works, COCA, Vital 5 Productions and numerous other venues.

In May 2007 the P.A.N. were the featured performers at the Cheuncheon International Mime Festival (South Korea) with “Tengu and the White Rabbit,” a piece dealing with romance, sexual violence, corruption and issues of masculinity and addiction. For this piece I was also a choreographer and musician/musical arranger. This piece toured Japan (Osaka, Nagoya, Tokyo, Kyoto and other cities) in June 2007.

Degenerate Art Ensemble. Actor/Dancer/Musician/Playwright/Performer

Seattle’s ‘hyper-experimental’ music and dance company.

1999 “Nymph” On The Boards’ 12 Minutes Max.

1999 “Razorstitch” On The Boards and Theater Off Jackson.

2003 “Dreams From Wounded Mouth” Premiered at Consolidated Works and toured Berlin, Lubljana, Prague, Amsterdam, Warsaw, Rome and many other Europeans cities.

Implied Violence 2007 – Present Actor/Dancer/Musician/Conceptualizer

“Cupcakes, Cupcakes, yes and more Cupcakes” 2006 (Con)Temporary Gallery Reno, NV.

“Untitled” 2007 special production for the Smoke Farm “Pataphysical New Year” Bryant, WA

“I confess. I need these confections. I can’t go to sleep” August 2007 (Con)Temporary Gallery Reno, NV

ARTWAR. 2001 Mayhem Artist/Audio Production/Conceptualizer

Various guerrilla-style street performances in Seattle.

Helped produce small spectacles at various art walks and other gatherings with a rotating cast of art miscreants. Highlights include cleaning all of Pioneer Square’s Pedestrian Park with scrubbing brushes while dressed as white faced generic workers to a soundtrack of agit-noise composed by myself and a 4 hour session of walks back and forth through the park between two large piles of costumes. Every time a performer changed clothes they took on a new improvised role.

“That Which Animates,” 2002 Short Film. Dancer/Actor
Directed by Maya Vajra. Written by Maya Vajra and pipi. White Light Films, Seattle.

Katsura Kan. Dancer “Curious Fish” 2003 Nippon Kan Theater and The Capitol Hill Arts Center.

Joan Laage. 2004 Dancer “Detectives” Intimate Stage, a two hour dinner theater production.

Big Wheel Bingo 2004 Jewel Box Theater, Sunset Tavern. Weekly entertainment show. Two-time guest performer and host.

“Clouds of Blood” 2005 Musician/Composer
Vera Project. An experimental music ensemble with Sam Mickens, Jherek Bishoff, Noah Mickens, Paul Kikuchi, Gregory Reynolds.

Villainaires Academy. 2005 Actor/Performance Artist
“Greasy Demon Heat”. Episodes 3-5 of a five week performance series. Various locations.

Jessie Smith’s Dead Bird Movement. Dancer/Musician/Composer
“Craning” 2006 dance company. Consolidated Works. 2006

“Untitled” 2006 Robb Kunz, Bquick, Nataki Jett. Experimental audio production involving handmade radio broadcasting units mounted on performers and in various public locations and percussion instruments. The Alibi Room/Post Alley.

Karn Junkinsmith’s “Dry Hump” September 2008
Male lead in a short dance film.

”drops.walks” August 2008 short film
Self-produced dance film written, directed and starring myself. Premiered at the Northwest Film Forum August of 2008.

Audio Production

The Infernal Noise Brigade

“L’etincelle” b/w “Manguera” Vinyl 45 single. 2005

Engineering and production credit shared with Robb Kunz/InPhase.

The Infernal Noise Brigade

“Final Fury” to be released March 2008

Assistant production credit. Robb Kunz engineer/producer.

Also constructed some audio collages that appear on this record..

Alethea Adsit

“Trio/The Three Tangos” 2003

Constructed electronic music in collaboration with composer Joshua Kohl for Alethea Adsit’s dance rumination on the tango.

Art Production

Suitcase. 1998 Local Seattle Band

“Making It Impossible To Lead A Normal Life” Album.

Provided all art production, design and shepherded the work through its printing.

Vitamin D. 1999. Seattle-based DJ and producer

“Table Manners” Album.

Provided all art production and design and assisted in the print production.

The Master Musicians of Jajouka. 1999

Produced the final logo and t-shirts for what might be, at over 1500 years, the oldest continuously performing musical group in the Islamic world.


2002 Various short book reviews for The Stranger, a Seattle weekly newspaper.

“Experimental Theology” 2003 Seattle Research Institute.

Charles Mudede, editor.

“Riot Religion,” under the pen name ‘mulata.’

“Confronting Capitalism” 2004 Soft Skull Press New York.

Burton-Rose, Yuen and Katsiaficas, editors.

“Infernal Pain In Prague,” under the pen name ‘potlatch.’

Daniel Burton-Rose, author 2004-8

“The George Jackson Brigade” To Be Published Spring/Summer 2009

Copy editing, research and interview assistance for Burton-Rose’s unreleased history of the George Jackson Brigade, a Seattle-based radical action group of the 1970s. The Brigade is distinguished in that they were amongst the first 70s political groups to practice an alliance of queers, transsexuals, ethnic minorities, women and prisoners in the promotion of their particular ethic of justice.

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