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my god, what a week it’s been. i finished writing my grant proposal for my massive secret art project friday. when i turned it in to the artists trust the very cool heather joy who runs the shop was there to greet me. unfortunately, i hadn’t eaten in a few days and hadn’t really slept in a week so i just smiled, said thank you, flashed ’em as winningly as possible and walked back out sans the application.

as i walked down the street i started crying. exhaustion. emotional and physical. i have never written a grant myself before. it’s sort of… stressful.
what i really wanted
was a drink.

so i called my friend angela who was kind enough to have kissed me thru last friday night’s depression. and we decided to meet at the six arms, home of the cutest bartender in the city. and the ruby ale that i love to drink whenever i go there.

on the way i saw a ‘buy obama!’ sign. wait. sorry. ‘VOTE obama!’ sign.
it was liberally flanked by a couple of ‘ron paul’s.’

i’m not sure why, but this just sort of disgusted me.
i hate the presidential campaigning/office in this country the way that some people deplore the commercialization of X-MAS or the psuedo-pathology that is valentine’s day.
hate it hate it hate it.
generally, i just spew in my head and pray that no one will ask me why i think it’s better to not vote. it can be so difficult to explain what a sham the whole thing is to people who honestly should know better.

one of the more common refrains i hear is, ‘but won’t it better if a democrat wins?’
like it was so cool the last time one of those guys was at the helm of our rudderless waterbucket.
remember how nicely the economy turned up? and people were happier? weren’t they?
unless they were poor and getting thrown off welfare or living in the balkans or wishing for some real sovereignty (nafta? the gatt?).
and i am refering to personal sovereignty, not nation status. come on, you have a philosophy degree; you can, therefore, follow what i am saying.

so i saw those 3 signs: Paul-Obama-Paul
and the first thing i wanted to do was to kick them out of the ground.
just stomp them into oblivion.
but the folks who had placed them were still there.
and they were looking at me funny because i probably looked so hostile.
and i had just stopped myself from attacking their less-than-handy-work.

oh, but i wanted to, though…

i got home the next day (don’t ask, but yes, mother i am still a virgin) and collapsed in front of my trusty laptop all thoughts of the presidency gone from me like monkey shit tossed between the protective bars of the cage of the supra-simian mind (uh. that’s us i’m referring to there). i collapsed i tell you, i co-lapsed. and stared into my laptop to check out digg and metafilter because i am stupid and they are my television.

and i found those wretched videos of hillary and obama.

what the hell was on when he thought that his obama video would actually be anything other than pablum? i mean i know that his black eyed band of peas is sub-vile, but did he really have to try and go all wycleff-honest on us? you look stupid in the hat will; take it off. and that speech is not the next i have a dream, is it? shit. maybe it is. literacy levels have been dropping like infant mortality rates in the western hemisphere.

so i did something weird after i watched that obama video: i watched a hillary song and dance routine. i posted them both at the bottom of the whatever technical term applies to these entries. i can’t speak on the hillary piece. it is sublime in it’s ichor. i suppose that all of us who loathed ET for it’s stomach-turning depiction of a world that had only ever inspired feelings of rage and no impotence (practiced miscegenator, here) would notice that there was a form of subcutaneous information sharing happening here. no, no, i really, really can’t speak on that here. it’s just too stoopid, hillary.

on a lighter note i fell in love this past week…

obama will i am video

hillary i am not video

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