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And as a sendoff, here’s an old Disney quickie, “Moving Day.”


originally uploaded by lindseygjording.

you never realize how ridiculous you look until the camera strikes.

(props to lindsey for the lovely contrasts…)

a little more than a month ago i was on governor’s island. it’s a small dot of land off the coast of manhattan. perhaps 5 minutes by water taxi.

i was there with seattle theater company, implied violence, to perform their latest, ‘the dorothy k,’ an introductory piece to a much longer working that IV principals ryan mitchel and mandy o’conell warn me will be around 24 hours in length.

new york was the opening volley at the presentation of this work. next year there are plans to stage other segments of this opus in austria and later in germany. it sounds extravagant, but someone needs to be producing epic theatrical work out of the states.

i won’t discuss the island or the festival that brought us or even the piece here, but i wanted to post some shots of the installation space that was created to house the show and a few images of an exhausted crew loitering, lounging, fitfully grimacing and collapsing our way through a grueling amount of work to produce a two week run.

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more pics here: behind the scenes of the dorothy k